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It may seem like just another box on a form, but the Date of Birth section of your auto insurance application can have a big impact on the rates you are quoted. An insurance company can’t personally qualify every driver’s skills and behaviors so they must rely on other factors to establish risk and assign premium rates, such as your age. READ MORE >>

Safety Laws and Your Auto Insurance Safety laws for drivers are a fact of life. From speed limits to stop lights these measures focused on automobile operators do more than just keep drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe; they also help to keep your insurance premiums low. Safe Driving Prevents Accidents READ MORE >>

Sometimes, on a busy Monday morning when the interstate clogged with many vehicles whose drivers are rushing to get to their destination, it's easy to see why states require drivers to carry car insurance policies. With as many vehicles as are on the road, and as many different kinds of drivers as there are behind the wheel, accidents are a very real and common occurrence. READ MORE >>

In movies and on television when damage is done to property, the investigators looking into the incident often asked if the victim had any enemies. But you don't have to have an arch nemesis in order for your vehicle to be vandalized. Vandalism happens often for no reason other than a destructive person was bored and your car was easily accessible. READ MORE >>

Smartphones aren’t just tools to play Angry Birds, log into your Facebook account and update your friends on your location; they are tools that can help you manage some of your insurance policies more effectively. View Your AccountWorried that you forgot your last payment? READ MORE >>

Every parent goes through many mental struggles once they realize their teenager is about to start driving. When faced with the image of your “baby” sitting behind the wheel, making life and death decisions with their driving, it’s natural to have an onslaught of difficult emotions that can adversely affect the way you react to this stressful situation. READ MORE >>

Insurance is a product you purchase to protect you against insurable events, it is not a gift or a right. Insurance is necessary for protection against something that can put your financial present and future in jeopardy. And as such, it is also a contract that can be terminated or that either you or the insurance company can choose not to renew. READ MORE >>

Many times, it seemed like our increasingly tech-reliant society was headed for driving disaster. With the never-ending popularity of cell phones, text messages, apps, portable music players, we seemed like we were on the road to ruin. READ MORE >>

Auto accidents are sudden and even the most careful drivers may be involved. The ugly truth is that most of us will be involved in an auto accident at some point in our lives. Even if you are not injured, there are certain things that you should and should not do. READ MORE >>

Are your friend’s auto insurance rates cheaper than yours? To gain a better perspective, when insurance companies are determining what to charge for auto insurance, they are essentially trying to calculate the cost of claims they will pay in the future. READ MORE >>

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